The Travel Mattress used by the US Ski Team

Why a travel mattress? One of the challenges of selling to people in the public eye is that they will not permit the use of their name and they will not or perhaps cannot ‘endorse’ a product. Suffice it to say, members of the US Ski Team travel a lot and our regular Curatron 2000 …

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The Curatron outside the USA

It’s interesting that when one starts a business as we did in 1998, we really had no idea what success would look like. We started Amjo as a hobby in May of 1998 selling home facial sunlamps over the internet. The remarkable thing was that people started ordering them and we actually started a business. …

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The Curatron – Helping Thousands

Tens of thousands of people have already been treated successfully with Curatron systems in more than 80 countries worldwide, improving dramatically their quality of life! Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields influence cell behavior by inducing electrical changes around and within the cell. Improved blood supply increases the oxygen pressure, activating and regenerating cells. Improved calcium transport …

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Reflecting On Many Years of Selling Curatron Systems

Can you believe that we’ve been selling the Curatron for nine years with only one customer return? An amazing record.

One very surprising statistic is that we have had had only one customer return in all the years we’ve been selling the Curatron. That fact alone speaks volumes about the quality of the product and the gains our clients receive from using the device.

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