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The PEMF Guy

Thanks for dropping by, I am Chris Cane and this is my blog regarding all things PEMF

It’s taken a while but now after nearly twenty years of selling and supporting the Curatron systems made by Curatronic in Israel, I have developed a deep knowledge of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy and systems. I welcome phone calls with challenging questions. If I don’t know the answer, then I will dig and get it for you.

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I am Chris Cane, a co-owner of Amjo Corp. My wife Cheryl and I operate several health oriented websites. This is a blog and website for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. We sell the world’s most used Professional PEMF Devices for clinical and home use. We’ve been online and in business since 1998 which is almost the stone age when one discusses the world of the internet.We do operate other websites, you can see a list at the “Other Sites” link on the menu bar.

Chris Cane
Amjo Corp
7708 Walnut Creek Ct
West Chester, OH 45069
Tel: 513-942-2770
Fax: 513-942-2771

You can contact me at or

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I’m not really good at schedules but when I feel the urge to write a posting we send out a notice and news. Sign up and you’ll see. I promise not to burden you with spam. We hate spam more than you do!

Cincinnati's John A Roebling Bridge
The model made before the building of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

Amjo Corp is based near Cincinnati Ohio. 

Cincinnati is on the Ohio River and is one of the USA’s great river towns. Amjo has been on the internet since 1998 and we’ve been selling and supporting the Curatron family of PEMF products since 2000, just as the new millennium began. No other distributor has the experience, know how and drive of Amjo Corp.  Our main website in support of the Curatron is

We can be reached at 513-942-2770.

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