Scaphoid or Navicular Bone Fractures

The scaphoid and navicular are two names for the same bone. This small bone is entirely within the wrist joint. (The navicular is now used almost exclusively to describe a bone in the foot).

Who gets this fracture?
In adolescents and young adults, fracture of this bone is the most common fracture around the wrist. Men are ten times more likely to fracture this bone than women. Although the bone is small, it takes a lot to break it. Oddly enough, twice as much force is required to break the scaphoid bone as to break one of the bigger forearm bones. Because of this, most patients who have broken their scaphoid have done it while participating in sports, such as football, basketball, riding a motorcycle or in an automobile accident. Usually the patient falls on the outstretched hand and hyperextends the wrist joint.

I came across a posting at Ben Philipson’s blog about the use of the Curatron and treatment of the Scaphoid bone so I thought I would share it with you.

The letter from a Curatron user said.

“I am treating a person for a fractured scaphoid bone which would not heal. What is of particular interest in this case is the fact that the patient was a competitive bike rider and he asked his specialist why so many sports people have the same recurring injuries to be told that they do not heal. Now the specialist is surpised at the amount of movement the patient is getting back, but I am not surpised at all! This [Curatron] is a really powerful healing tool!”

The original blog entry can be found at:

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