Audio Files from Dr. Bob’s Radio Show

While listening, you can use Left/Right Keys to go forward/back one second or use Up/Down Keys to go forward/back ten seconds

(3 Minutes)
(1 Minute)
(2 Minutes)
The Whole Show
(About 40 Minutes)

You need to listen to Rhonda, Nancy and Monica and perhaps the entire radio show. These are excerpted from the entire radio show which aired some time back. The show opens with Dr. Bob and a radio station announcer chatting and then Ben Philipson joins the conversation from Israel.

Dr. Robert Sklovsky is in Milwaukie Oregon and does on air work at WPDQ occasionally.

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Cincinnati's John A Roebling Bridge
The model made before the building of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

Amjo Corp is based near Cincinnati Ohio. 

Cincinnati is on the Ohio River and is one of the USA’s great river towns. Amjo has been on the internet since 1998 and we’ve been selling and supporting the Curatron family of PEMF products since 2000, just as the new millennium began. No other distributor has the experience, know how and drive of Amjo Corp.  Our main website in support of the Curatron is

We can be reached at 513-942-2770.

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